Mahatma Gandhi Study Centre
महात्मा गांधी अध्ययन

To create a peaceful students and society that aspires to embody the message, philosophy, and life of Mahatma Gandhi.
Spreading awareness of Mahatma Gandhi's life and ideas among various societal groups in order to encourage widespread adoption of his ideas.
Objective of the Study Centre
To organize and carry out events that will further Gandhi's thought and goals.
Promote campaigns to raise awareness of Mahatma Gandhi's life and message using educational media such as exhibitions, movies, posters, and many kinds of art, culture, and technology.
To facilitate education for peace, ecological security, equality, and justice, encourage and promote Gandhian viewpoints on education.
As part of Gandhi's constructive effort, programs for vocational training and other attempts to improve living conditions should be used to empower the weaker groups in society.

JES College was established in 1958. Gandhian Study Center was established on 25 August 2006. Ambrish Mishra, a writer and journalist of International repute, was present to the occasion. Since then it caters Gandhian philosophy to the students and society. It has always remained in touch with the students of all the three streams i.e. Arts, Commerce and Science. Dr. Yashwant Sonune heads the department right from its inception. However, in during 2007- 08, Dr. J D Kabra was the director.

Achievement of the Center
Mahatma Gandhi Centre organized various activities, through these activities following achievements of the centre.
Reached to about 1.5 lakhs people in just sixteenth years through various activities.
16 Youth Camps attended by 1765 students to turning constructive work.
14 teacher’s workshops (1079) to value base education.
11 research projects by students as certificate course
58272 students given Gandhian Thought Exam for familiar Gandhi’s life.
Gandhian Thought Certificate Course successfully completed  by 1680 students at 16 centers
Short Term Course for 71 trainee teachers from D.T.ed. Colleges.
Shanti Sandesh Cycle Rally for organized two years, participation of 144 students
Screening of the film Gandhi to 1515 students
Gandhi’s Life Story from rare photos seen by 8140 students
Participation of 2194 students in Pad Yatra for Promotion of Gandhian thoughts and life style.
Prerna an encouraging activity for 1922 school children in Five years
Promotion of Gandhian Thought by13 sub centers.

Gandhi Study Centre Staff

Sr. No. Staff Designation Contact
1 Prof. Dr. Y.ashwant Sonune Prof. in Marathi and Coordinator 9422725330
2 Dr. Mahavir Sadavarte Prof. in Commerce 9823739759
3 Shri. Govind Kulkarni Clerk 9175119725