From the Secretary's Desk

Our College was started in the year 1958 by the inspiration of the then Prime Minister Shri. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. During more than half a century our college has established an image, an identity and a distinct character of its own.Some college have an elitist approach, some pursue a professional approach, some prefer to be a mouth pierce of a particular political ideology, some prefer technology, while others prefer sociology and humanities. We at J.E.S. College pursue an all inclusive heuristic approach. We believe that an academic institution should develop on its own and that it should develop in the way it wants to. we do not visualize this institution as a garden plant cut and dewed to a definite shape, but a Bunyan tree in a forest, growing to tis fullest potential and recreating itself so that a Buddha might sir under it and find Nirvana not only for him but for the entire humanity.

        The College has grown into an imposing institution of academic excellence. It has turned out thousands of graduates, Ph.D.s, Civil administrators and groomed leaders who have been and are ministers, M.Ps and MLAs. Some of our students are working in space research, some are working in DRDO, ISRO and defense. none of our student is without some respectable responsibility on shoulders. I Believe this is the real success of this college. I Want you all to join me in lending your full support to see that it is recognized as an institution where values are nourished.

Secreatary .

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