Department of Public Administration
लोकप्रशासन विभाग


In modern times, public administration has become the soul of social life of human beings. In a sense, every individual is an administrator. He controls his own life. Man’s efforts for personal and social development become a part of the administrative process. The maximum utilization of available resources for a certain reason is also administration.
Administration is found in almost all organizations. Family is also a small social organization. The head of the family guides the members and gets their co-operation in the activities of the family. This is also an instance of administration.
Public administration is an old as the public life itself. Today its visible at all stages of human life right from the birth to death.

Vision : To Create efficient administrative officers

To  impart the Administration Knowledge  to students

Objective of Department

To Estabilist the Awarnes about Administration in General
To Introduce the Legal Facts and findings about General Administration Ex. curroption, R.T.I, R.T.E, Ragging etc.
To Realise the Duties and Resposiblity of Citizen as “Fundamental Right.
To Sharpen the Administrtive Ability, Co-operation  among the Students  Ex. Road  Safety,Driving Culture, Voters  awareness, Women’s Right,Human Right,help to Local Security and Public Service.

Scope of the Subject

In today’s modern state and in developing countries functions and role of Public Administration is very important. The role and importance of Public Administration are as follows.
1.  It is the basis of government.
2.  It is the instrument of change in the society.
3.  It plays vital role in the life of the people.
4.  It is an instrument for executing laws, policies, and programmes of the state.
5.  It is a stabilizing force in the society as it provides continuity.
6.  It is instrument of national integration in the developing countries which are  
     facing class wars.