Department of Mathematics
गणित विभाग


The Department of Mathematics started June 1965 in this college. At present the department teaches to under graduate course B. Sc. The Department of Mathematics offers programs in the area of pure mathematics. Mathematics plays a critical role in our efforts to understand the nature of the physical universe and in the continuing development of our technological society. There is also a long tradition that recognizes the value of mathematics for its aesthetic appeal to the human spirit. Many students of the liberal arts decide to study mathematics for one or both of these reasons. Students also study mathematics in order to develop critical reasoning skills that can significantly contribute too many personal goals. Of course the study of mathematics can lead directly to interesting employment opportunities in the mathematical sciences and to future study in graduate school.  Mathematics is a construct of the human mind that gives us a way to model and understand the world around us. Within the Department of Mathematics there are strong groups of faculty In addition to the faculty’s strong research interests, there is an equally strong desire to provide instruction of the highest quality.


To develop Mathematical attitude, aptitude in the students so that they can apply mathematical methods and ideas in a wide variety of careers and research.


To discover, mentor, nurture and uncover mathematically inclined students and provide them a supportive environment that fosters intellectual growth.

To produce qualified graduates who are equipped with deeper insight and research skills in the field of Mathematics.
To encourage scientific research and publications
To encourage participation in scientific forums and seminars and to encourage the students for scientific research and techniques in Mathematics.
To encourage interdisciplinary research with other areas such as statistics, operation research, physics and branches of engineering etc.
To develop the independent research and analytical thinking abilities of our students along with research-based developments in teaching and education.
To utilize the diverse expertise of our faculty both within the department and in collaboration with other departments and institutes to strengthen the overall quality of the department and to develop professional bonds.

Ex - Heads

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Period

Prof. K. D. Dhawase

(Department Pioneer)
1965 to 1965
2 Dr. K. S. Bharuka 1966 to 1997
3 Shri. S. S. Kulkarni 1997 to 2003
4 Dr. Vinayak N. Dasare 2003 to 2011

Dr. Ganesh L. Rokade

(In Charge)
02-01-2017 to 15-07-2018
6 Dr. Ganesh L. Rokade 16-07-2018 to Till Date