Department of English


The department of English has been an integral part of the college since its inception in 1958 and started catering education to first year students. By the virtue of being a compulsory subject, the department has always remained in touch with the students of all the three streams i.e. Arts, Commerce and Science. The department is striving for enrichment of the language and providing in depth aesthetic knowledge and an eagerness to appreciate English Language and literature in its ingenuity to the students who come here to study the graduation course.


The mainstay of the vision of the department of English is to offer students to acquire communication skills to prepare them for their professional needs in the globalized scenario prevalent today. The department seeks to foster knowledge and love of literature and language amongst students.


The department has taken upon itself the mission of working zestfully and resourcefully to impart the four skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to the students.  The primary aim of the department of English is to develop critical reading, writing and creative skills among the students through the study of literature in English language.
To enhance effective English communication skills among the students.
To equip the students with manners, etiquettes and soft-skills.
To enable the students to use English language as a tool for employment.
To develop interest among the students regarding literature as a fine art.
To inculcate aesthetic sense and human values.

Scope of the Subject
The role of English language as the global ‘lingua franca’ (Link language). 
Dominance of English Language in science, diplomacy politics, entertainment (movies, popular music, television, short films) and tourism.
English is the language of international communication, trade, commerce, IT sector and universal literature.


Sr. No. Name Tenure
1 Prof. Raman 1958 to 60
2 Dr. Sudhakar Deshpande 1960 to 1967
3 Dr. Sudha Moses 1968 to 1988
4 Dr. Ramlal Agrawal 1988 to 1999
5 Dr. Murlidhar Upadhyay 2000 to 2001
6 Dr. Uttam Ambhore 2002 to 2013
7 M.A. Sami Siddiqui 2013 to 2014
8 Dr. Shaily V. Asthana (Lien) 2014 to 2015
9 Miss. Bhagyashree B. Biyani 2017 to till Date