Department of Computer Science
संगणकशास्त्र विभाग


Computers and related technologies are now become an integral part of human life. Computers are been widely used in nearly every sectors, right from banking, shopping, railway reservation to various industries like Automobiles, Medical, Hospitals, Government offices etc. To keep pace with new technologies, JES college has established Department of Computer Science.


The Department of Computer Science was established in 1992. Department was run on self-finance basis. In year 2010 the department was granted by Govt. Of Maharashtra


Our vision is to offer up to date and flexible programs which will allow our graduates to be competitive in the job market.

To provide a hands-on approach in teaching computer related courses.

To increase capacity of our computer laboratories as well as equipping them with the latest in hardware and software.

To provides leading programs in computer science whose graduates are globally recognized as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals.


Our mission is to provide a high quality undergraduate education in computer science that prepares students for productive careers and further study.

To create, share, and apply knowledge in Computer Science, including in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science and benefit humanity.

The Department is dedicated to maintaining its current innovative programs and establishing new ones to uphold its status as an important national and regional center for discovering and applying new knowledge and technologies.


To provide modern infrastructure and laboratories for education in computer

To explore students with diverse areas of Information Technologies and their usefulness to mankind.
To inculcate research among the students for solving real world problems with help of technologies.
To motivate the students to start self-employment with web designing, training, software development unit.
Promote students to participate in different competitive, technical, research programs to shape them for future challenges.
Organizing seminars, workshops and guest lecturers to get them acquainted upcoming concepts and technologies.
To arrange educational visits at research centers, national data processing centers and different MNC related to IT.