Department of Computer Science
संगणकशास्त्र विभाग


Computers and related technologies are now become an integral part of human life. Computers are been widely used in nearly every sectors, right from banking, shopping, railway reservation to various industries like Automobiles, Medical, Hospitals, Government offices etc. To keep pace with new technologies, JES college has established Department of Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science was established in 1992. Department was run on self-finance basis. In year 2010 the department was granted by Govt. Of Maharashtra


• To focus and promote Computer literacy among every age of people in the society. • Open up gateway of IT industry to the students of local region through MOU with different IT companies. • To provides job opportunities for local potential by preparing them for challenges. • Establish IT knowledge hub through continuous education programs among the students. • To emerge as prominent educational centre in the area of computer science. • To build department as research centre in the field of computer science and its applied regions.


• To provide a sound education in computer science and Information Technology, particularly in computer science, languages, software, networking, web application designing. • To provide students necessary base knowledge and prepare them for higher education (PG and Research) in computer science. • To build students with awareness of responsibilities towards society and application of their acquired knowledge for solving related problems.